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May 5, 2012
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CC: Vixey and Tod by MistyTang CC: Vixey and Tod by MistyTang
Tod: "I'll--I'll go up to her and I'll say you're the most gorgeous--the most beautiful--of--of--of--I've never seen anyone...anywhere...I'll say...hi."

I hadn't actually watched The Fox and the Hound in like... 10-15 years, so I decided to watch it again really on a whim. And it was beautiful. As I kid I didn't really like this movie that much (I think I thought it was boring). But, as an adult, it's... woah, so wonderful. :heart: So much emotion in this movie.

My sisters and I discovered we like it so much as adults because it's like a life story. We're really starting to get into life stories--in some ways, they're way more exciting than the mainstream fantasy tales, because you don't really know what's gonna happen. Like in Aladdin, I completely love Aladdin, but you totally know what's gonna happen. It's pretty obvious that everyone's gonna come together to defeat Jafar. But in The Fox and the Hound, there's no real bad guy. So, you don't really know which way the story's gonna turn. :eyes:

And, since I've been meaning to do more animal couples (it's a good way to practice drawing animals + interaction), I decided to draw these two! :la:
My sister *Zimeta helped me out a bit with Vixey's hind legs, there--she's way better at animals than me so I asked her for help. :^)

WIP: [link]
Andother WIP is at my Tumblr: [link]

<--- And look what my sister drew~!

Couples Collection

Commission Information

Pencil and CG.
Vixey and Tod (c) Disney
Artwork (c) Meeeeee. Jaclyn Weber AKA MistyTang.
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it should be note that this is the first disney movie to have a bittersweet ending.. yeah so did Pocahontas ,(but that's history for ya) followed by hunchback, even little mermaid when you think about it, I guess Hercules can be thrown in too.. what do these movies have in common in the books and legends they were based on.. they are all dead at the end of the story.. though I think Herc becomes a god at the end.. and Everyone in Pocahontas would be dead anyway.. except maybe G.Willow..

but I ike these kind of movies.. don't need to be sweet all the time
Starcoyote234 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so awesome! Wonderful work here!
Thanks very much!
Starcoyote234 Jan 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You're welcome!
Very, VERY GOOD!!! =)
b-b-b-b- boring??? :jawdrop: v2 that's the first time someone's said that about this movie. nice picture by the way 
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