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September 6, 2009
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CC: Snow White and Charming by MistyTang CC: Snow White and Charming by MistyTang
One Song
I have but one song
One song
Only for you
One heart
Tenderly beating
Ever entreating
Constant and true
One love
That has possessed me
One love
Thrilling me through
One song
My heart keeps singing
Of one love
Only for you


Do you guys have any idea how freakishly popular Snow white was when it first came out?
It was just as big of a hit as Star Wars. Snow White was bigger than anything else that year it came out--put together.
It's definitely stood the test of time, too. :heart:

I really wanted to do something great for dearest Snow White and her Prince (or, as I like to call him, Prince Charming the First). Wanted to pay homage to Disney's first full-length animated feature. So, I spent a butt-load of time on this. :faint: Been working on this for... uh, two or three weeks. Not sure which.
One of the most involved backgrounds I've ever done (if not the most). It took so much less time to do the figures. But I'm super-happy with the result, so I guess it was worth it. <:^)

Snow White... what can I say? It's one of my top-favorite Disney movies ever. Right after Pinocchio (which is my fourth favorite). :nod:

I decided to put Snow White is her rag dress because A) Nobody ever draws her in it and B) the Prince fell in love with her even though she wore rags (and the most hideous clogs of all time). :love:

Snow White and Prince Charming here are my little sister's, ~ratscout, favorite Disney couple.

*zimeta08 was super-cool to me while I was making this. I asked her to pose for me (for many, many minutes) and she did, without complaining. Drawing their heads at that slightly tilted angle gave me a bit of trouble, so I needed some reference. That's right! For once reference worked for me (it was bound to happen sometime).

Couples Collection
Commission Information

Pencil and CG.
Snow White and Prince Charming (c) Disney
Artwork (c) Meeeee.
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Voaz-Kzrhovb Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
As always I adore your work, and attention to color and detail. They are very much your style, but also reminiscent of the films original style. Oh what I would pay to see these two earn more canon screen time. Just because the prince was one dimensional in the movie doesn't mean he should be forcibly left with so little personality. I'm sure he's more than charming.

here he looks maybe humourous, like perhaps he's told a funny joke and they're laughing. 

I love this song so much that I made them have twin daughters named after the lyrics "constant (Constance) and true (Gertrude, True for short)" XD 
MistyTang Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
Aww, thank you! This one is getting very old, but I'm glad you enjoy it just the same. :)

It never bothered me that Prince Charming was so little developed; after all, he's almost inconsequential to the story. All that you need to know about him is that he loves Snow White. :heart:
SpiritZodiac Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
Doc: Was h-he strong and handsome?
Sleepy: Was he big and tall?
S.W: There's nobody like him, anywhere at all.
Bashful: Did he say he loved ya?
Happy: Did he steal a kiss?
S.W: [singing] He was so romantic, I could not resist.
Archsteel Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
Hmm... If I were here I'd be careful. Always be wary of young men who whip out their SONGS... A song is often a prelude... To a dick. A song is a dick, in sheep's clothing. A song means a dick is on the way.
MistyTang Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
Archsteel Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014
TheWorldFellApart Featured By Owner May 15, 2013
i adore your drawings! sorry if its weird that i'm favoriting so many of them... :)
EstrangeloEdessa Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I love the blue colors in this. I'm not sure why, but somehow the blue of the little details draws my eye and makes the whole thing look brilliantly colorful, and it's amazing.
Spankcindy Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
Really good work!
Just beautifully done.
If only I could do stuff like this.
It's bright, clear, and magnificently
Grisseg Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I like the background. :)
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